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Why not exercise not just for your health but to actually improve your golf game? David carries a certification from the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) so you can ensure that your game is in good hands. Together we will improve!


Will it affect my golf lessons?

It will improve your golf lessons with your chosen PGA professional because your body will be more capable of getting in to the positions that your pro wants you to, to have an efficient golf swing.


We have excellent PGA professionals on site at Four Ashes Golf Centre providing you are not currently receiving instruction elsewhere and looking to combine your golf fitness with golf lessons. To get the maximum out of your game this is recommended! Find out more at


Don't wish to have golf lessons? Golf fitness will still dramatically improve your capability in the game you love.


Golf fitness is not a golf lesson, you will not be touching a golf ball. Golf fitness lessons focus on stability in areas you need stability and mobility in areas of the body that need to be mobile during the golf swing. Couple this with improvements in the flexibility required to play good golf, plus improved strength and atheticism gains, enable clients to get the most out of their golf lessons with their chosen PGA professional.


Are you fit for golf?

The majority if not all high level golfers are doing some sort of regime regarding fitness to improve their golf game. If you aren't doing something you probably aren't performing at your best. Rory McIlroy credits his gains in strength and fitness to what he is currently achieving in the professional game. Well done to Rory for reaping the rewards for all of that hard work and determination that has been put in at the gym. You are truly becoming an inspiration to others, keep up the hard work!


Inspired by Rory? I certainly am. What could some gym work do for your game?Why not get yourself started on ways that you can strengthen yourself and your golf game today!


We offer 1 hour sessions. Call 07449 191188 to book an appointment.

 Golf Fitness Training is £45.00 per hour



£240.00 for 6 x 1 hour sessions

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Book a set of 6 Personal Training Sessions and receive a 10% discount off at Club Class Repair Centre, based on site at Four Ashes Golf Centre




Explore our facilities and find important information and announcements concerning the Personal Training Facilities on our new website. We look forward to seeing you!

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